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Bespoke Log Stores Gallery

Sometimes the dimensions of our stores perhaps don't quite fit your space, or perhaps you need a door added to a special size. A custom-made Log Store may be the answer and we can often alter our range with little or no extra cost.

Here at Dorset Log Stores we do our very best to ensure you get the log store you want. For more information please call us 01300 345916 or email

Bespoke Design Log Store 9ft wide x 7ft high

This Bespoke design was requested so that the gable of the logstore matched that of the barn it was at the end of. It also has a tiled roof to mimic the barns own slate roof.

     Guide Price: £895

Custom Okeford Logstore with Storage Cupboard 9ft wide x 7ft high

Taking our popular Okeford Log Store Design, this Bespoke Log Store was increased in both with and in height. The customer requested a cupboard to be integrated into the design with the addition of three selves allowing for the storage of garden tools. 

     Guide Price: £845

Double Melbury Logstore with Extra Shelf 6ft wide

Our Melbury Log Store is very popular due to its low profile making it ideal for placing near the back door or under windows without obscuring any views. This customer required a partition and a shelf creating an area where boots could be stored with kindling or tools to be placed on the shelf.

     Guide Price: £435

Double Okeford Logstore with Slate Effect Roof 9ft wide

When a 6ft wide Okeford Logstore just isn't big enough.  When customers require just that little more space without having two separate logstores. Beautifully finished with a slate effect tiled roof.

     Guide Price: £990

Custom width (3ft 6inch) Deep Okeford

This Log Store was built for a customer who was restricted by the width available to them but were taken with the Design and spacious features of the Deep Okeford Log Store. We custom made this store to 3.5ft wide  and the customer was delighted with the result.

     Guide Price: £378

9ft wide Wootton Log Store with Storage Cupboard

Built to for a customer who wanted the Wootton Log Store but also wanted the addition of a storage cupboard allowing for the storage of unsightly recycling boxes.

     Guide Price: £485

15ft wide Triple Tall Melbury Log Store

Built to for a customer who wanted a Melbury Log Store making a little taller to a maximum height of 5ft but also wanted the width extending to a sizeable 15ft.

     Guide Price: £795

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