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Our Company Environmental Practices

Our Company Environmental Practices

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As a rural small manufacturing enterprise based in Dorset we feel strongly that we have a local responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible and keep our environmental footprint as low as feasible. To this end we have highlighted below the main practices we employ to do just that.

- We currently employ 20 members of staff between the Workshop, Office, Warehouse and Shop most of whom are native Dorset men and women and many of whom walk or cycle to work thus reducing many local journeys. The furthest travelled is 12 miles.

- Wherever possible we use local suppliers and transport companies to further reduce the need for long journeys in large vehicles.

- We are proud to be based here in North Dorset, on one site, with all taxes paid to support local and national services and that our employees will further inject their power into the local area.

- To further minimise our transporation impact we source our timber directly from Sweden to avoid the use of intermediary suppliers - one journey to deliver the timber - from chainsaw to garden store!

- We use only Timber from sustainable resources so we know what timber stocks we use will be replaced.

- We generate our own power for the workshop through an array of Solar Panels on its roof thus usually giving an excess power to the national grid. If we need any extra power at certain times of year we use a Renewable Energy Supplier (GoodEnergy).

- We recycle most of our woodwaste through our woodburner which produces heat for the workshop and warehouse areas. 90% of our waste is woodwaste so this avoids unnecessary landfill.

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