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Flyte Barn Owl Nest Box


The Flyte Barn Owl Box has been designed and made with great care to be the optimum requirements for these wonderful birds. It provides the security and space they need to help them nest in safety. This Owl Box is approx 2ft 8in high by 2ft at its widest by 2ft 7in max deep.
The Flyte Barn Owl Box is very large; designed as the perfect size for Barn Owls and built to last. Made from pressure treated (rot-resistant) timber throughout with an exterior plywood floor; it is beautifully finished, very substantial and will last for many years.

With guidance from The Barn Owl Trust, we have created a home to be mounted on a barn or in a large tree (see hints and tips for installing your Owl Box). You can mount two boxes together as long as they are at least 500m apart.

The base/floor is the widest dimension, to allow a good floor space inside, and the sides taper in towards the roof eaves. The roof overhangs the front balcony like a porch to provide protection for the entrance hole and the balcony. This will help to shield the entrance hole from weather and allow the owlet fledglings protection when they venture on to the balcony.

This balcony shelf allows the fledglings space to sit and assess their new world and has a raised edge to prevent them falling. Under the balcony is a 'human' access hatch for cleaning which is normally done between November and January but only perhaps every 2 - 3 years. Note: under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to disturb breeding Barn Owls.

External dimensions: 82cm high x 64cm wide at base, 49cm wide at eaves x 53cm deep at base, 68cm deep at roof apex. Landing shelf (balcony) extends 25.5cm from entry hole and is 46cm wide.The Entrance Hole is 13cm wide x 15cm high. Depth of box from floor to entrance hole is 37cm. Floor area internally is 0.34 sq.m.

The timber we use is pressure treated Swedish Redwood with a 15-year Anti-Rot warranty from an FSC Certified Supplier. The floor is FSC Exterior Plywood. All nails are stainless steel and screws are double plated (to prevent rust). Includes metal mounting plates.

The Flyte Barn Owl Box weighs 28kg.

The Barn Owl Box will be delivered ready assembled via courier. PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY TO MOST OF MAINLAND UK.

{How to install a Barn Owl Box}
Before erecting a Barn Owl Box please do make a risk assessment for the height it will need to be installed at e.g. 3m high in a tree. The box is quite heavy, approx 28kg, so doing this single handed (whilst on a ladder) should be considered carefully. We suggest this is a two-person task.

When installing the Barn Owl Box in a tree make sure it is a mature tree in an isolated position like a hedgerow, field or woodland edge. It should have few or no low branches so that the nest box entrance hole can be seen by a passing owl from a distance i.e. do not choose a tree in woodland.

Hints & Tips:
* Select a site near strips of grassland or a mixed farming area.
* A tall mature tree is best for visibility and so that a fallen nestling can climb back up the tree.
* Face the access hole towards open ground but not into prevailing weather.
* Avoid low branches and other trees or buildings that would screen the access hole.
* Position at least 3m above ground.
* Do not erect within approx 1km of motorways or similar busy unscreened roads.
{Barn Owls}
Barn Owl Facts and Information:
* They choose to nest in undisturbed barns, outbuildings or ruins; holes in large mature trees.
* Widely found throughout the UK, they are not on the endangered list.
* Like open farmland as their hunting ground.
* A pair will hunt within 2km of nest site.
* They eat small rodents like Shrews, Voles, Mice; sometimes Rats and small birds.
* Upper parts are brown/cream; underparts are pure white; heart-shaped face
* Length approx. 35cm; wingspan 90cm; weight 250g-350g
* Mainly nocturnal but may hunt at dawn/dusk when feeding young
* Breeding success can vary year to year with 4 to 7 eggs being average
* Incubation lasts 30-31 days and they can sit two broods a year
* Young birds fly at 50-55 days but 75% of young die in their first year
* Average lifespan is 1-3 years although there are records of 12-17 years old

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