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Flyte Bird Nesting Boxes


These high quality bird nesting boxes, with either a 28mm or 32mm access hole (select above), are for use by smaller garden birds such as Pied Flycatchers, Tits, Sparrows, Finches and Nuthatches.
The sloping roof protects against extremes of weather, offers maximum durability and can be screwed shut to prevent predators such as squirrels from stealing eggs or chicks. The nest box lid is hinged with a little brass hinge to give easy access to clear out any debris after use. All screws are double-plated and the hinge is solid brass, so your bird nesting boxes will last you for many years to come.

The 20mm FSC approved close-grain, Scandinavian Redwood, timber has excellent insulation properties to keep the birds warm in winter and cool in summer. Each nest box is finished in a nano-tech coating for long term preservation against fungal attack and rot. Perfectly bird-safe. Available in Natural Green finish, the colour is unobtrusive and will match with most garden decor.
Overall (external) measurements: Width: 15cm; Height: 30.5cm; Depth: 14.5cm (front to back). All Flyte Nesting Boxes carry the Flyte so Fancy Quality Stamp.

Nest Boxes with 28mm hole will attract Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Marsh Tits, Willow Tits, Pied Flycatchers and Finches.
Nest Boxes with entry hole of 32mm diameter will attract birds such as Nuthatch, Great Tits, Tree Sparrows and House Sparrows.
Siting of your Garden Bird Nest Box:
The best height for a nest box is between 1.5m and 5.5m high. However, if the area is prone to visits from the neighbourhood cat population, then the box could be sited higher to prevent these garden bird predators. The box should face anywhere between north and southeast so that the entrance will avoid strong sunlight and the prevailing wind direction.

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