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Flyte Little Owl Nest Box


Flyte Little Owl Nest Box. Made in Dorset by Flyte so Fancy this nest box is purpose made for Little Owls.

Little Owls are tiny - at just 20 to 23cm long (8 inches), and with a wingspan of 54cm to 58cm, they weigh approx 200g (so less that a pack of butter!). They were introduced into the UK in the early 19th century, are the smallest of the owl family and are found throughout the UK usually in lowland areas below 500m.

They can often be seen during the day and like to sit on vantage points, like fence posts, to quickly nab any passing prey. Their speckled feathering lets them blend into all kinds of natural backgrounds. They hunt for small mammals, small birds, moths, beetles and other invertebrates which can be found in muck piles, rotting compost heaps and mature wood piles.

The Little Owl Nest Box is designed to replicate a natural nesting spot for them. They don't make nests readily but like to inhabit natural deep holes in mature trees or crevices in old buildings and barns. This box gives a perch point outside the entry hole and then a small tunnel to access the box which makes it nice and dark inside to make them feel safe. It has a double brass hinged side access door for cleaning (which is done every 2 - 3 years), this is also screwed shut to prevent predators.
{Materials & Mounting}
This Owl Box is made in Dorset by Flyte so Fancy from strong 20mm thick, pressure treated, Scandinavian Redwood boards and further protected with a Chestnut Brown nano-technology coating. This colour also helps it blend into its surroundings when placed on a tree trunk or building.

It should be mounted sideways/horizontally at 2.5m to 3m above the ground in a sheltered position with the entry hole facing between north east and south east. Near farmland, orchards or smallholdings is ideal, or mature gardens where they might have a good supply of small mammals.

Little Owls will also hunt in open fields or woodland edges for their food as well as muck piles, rotting compost and mature woodpiles. When mounting Owl Boxes please consider your own safety first.
Dimensions: 23cm wide max, main body 19.5cm wide x 24cm deep. Overall roof length 46cm and overall box height 39.5cm. Dowell perch 25mm dia and 12cm long. Weight approx. 7kg.
{Little Owl Facts}
* Introduced to the UK in the 1800s
* Widely found throughout Europe and Asia
* Smallest of the Owl Family
* Nests in holes in trees or walls of old buildings
* Lays 2-3 eggs in Spring which the female incubates for 28 days
* The male brings food to the female when brooding
* Both parents then feed the chicks as they grow
* Fledglings venture out at 7 weeks and fly 2 weeks later
* The young rarely travel more than 20km to make their own nests
* Pairs often bond for life
* Lifespan can be 4 - 16 years depending on habitat
* Population is stable so not considered to be on a danger list

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