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Flyte Swift Nesting Box


The Flyte Wooden Swift Nesting Box. Try to encourage these beautiful, and endangered, birds to nest and breed by placing these boxes under the eaves of your house, outbuilding or barn.

The acrobatic Common Swift makes an epic migration journey to the UK around May each year and the loss of nesting sites means they are in decline. Our Swift Nesting Box simply hangs under the eves with just two screws and makes a great accommodation for these magnificent birds.

The sloping roof protects against extremes of weather and offers maximum durability. The roof is screwed shut to prevent predators such as squirrels from stealing eggs or chicks but can easily be unscrewed for cleaning and mounting.

Handcrafted here in Dorset and constructed from the best quality, slow-grown, Scandinavian Redwood. The 20mm FSC Approved close-grain timber has excellent insulation properties to keep the birds warm in winter and cool in summer. All screws are double-plated, so your bird nesting boxes will last you for many years to come.

Each nest box has the corners sanded and has been finished with a modern nano-tech coating for long term preservation against fungal attack and rot. Perfectly bird-safe. Available in Natural Green, the colour is unobtrusive and will match with most garden decor.

Overall (external) measurements:
Width: 46cm; Height: 20cm; Depth: 18cm (front to back); Entry Hole Size: 7cm wide by 3cm high; All Flyte Nesting Boxes carry the Flyte so Fancy Quality Stamp.

Siting of your Swift Nest Box:
Site your Swift Nest Box under the eaves - Swifts make very little mess and are only likely to be nesting for about 12 weeks. If you are installing a nest box for a family of swifts for the first time it may take a few seasons to be discovered, so be patient but having made a house there, you can expect them to return year after year.

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