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Flyte Tawny Owl Nest Box


The Tawny Owl, one of the most commonly seen and heard owls, is about the size of a woodpigeon. We have designed this nest box to suit their nesting habits so it can be positioned in woodland trees to encourage nesting and breeding of these lovely creatures.
Tawny Owls are by far the most common owl in the UK. Primarily a woodland species of wild bird, they have adapted to live almost anywhere there are trees, even wooded urban and suburban gardens. They prefer farmland hedgerows and copses, as well as more extensive areas of woodland and forestry. It is highly unlikely you would find Tawny Owls roosting in a building and even rarer to find them nesting in one.

They naturally like to roost in tree cavities but will take readily to a purpose-made nesting box. Although a mature wooded garden would suit them, they are very sensitive to disturbance when sitting on the nest, and can be quite aggressive, so a garden near children or a road may not be ideal. Also, in urban areas they can be prone to vandalism so it might be wise to install the box at a height of at least 4m.

The Flyte Tawny Owl Box is approx 2ft 8in tall and 1ft 9in front to back (incl. roof) so it is quite a large nest box. Made using top quality, FSC certified, pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood (rot-resistant) throughout so it does weigh about 12kg. All nails are stainless steel and screws are double plated (to prevent rust). Includes metal mounting plates.

The large square opening at the front is the optimum size to encourage Tawny Owls and the depth inside ensures they can keep the owlets safe once hatched. There is a brass hinged access hatch at the front for the cleaning access and there are metal braces at the back to give a good mounting point.
Externally: 80cm high x 23cm-28cm wide (excl. perch) x 45cm-54cm deep.
The base is 23cm wide x 45cm deep externally and 42cm deep internally. The Roof is 28cm wide at eaves and 54cm deep incl porch. The overall height is 80cm but the height inside from floor to access hole is 43cm. The Entrance hole is 19.5cm wide x 24cm high with a landing perch which extends 23cm to the right of the box.
Delivered Ready Assembled via courier. FREE DELIVERY TO MOST OF THE UK.
{Installing the Tawny Owl Box}
Before erecting an Owl Box please do make a risk assessment for the height it will need to be installed at e.g. 3m - 4m high in a tree. The box is approx 12kg so doing this single handed (whilst on a ladder) should be considered carefully. We suggest this is a two-person task. The two metal plates at the back moved and placed horizontally (or according to needs of wherever you mount the box) to the box and screwed through into the tree.

This Owl Box can be installed in taller trees, preferably within a woodland area or mature wooded garden, at approx. 3.4m. The box should be sheltered from prevailing weather, mounted upright and either screwed securely in place or held with an adjustable strap around the trunk (note: if using a strap you should remember to come back and adjust the strap at least once a year).

* Mount no lower than 3m if in an undisturbed place; 3.4m is an optimum height, or up to 4m to avoid noise and vandalism.
* Wooded areas with mature trees are the best sites.
* Mount in an upright position with the perch being accessible for landing.
* Mount near other branches so owlets can emerge on to them before flying.
* Make sure you can access the box for cleaning.

{Tawny Owls Facts}
* Tawny Owls are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
* They are on the Amber List of Birds of Conservation Concern
* Tawny Owls have a wide diet, they feed mostly on small mammals, mainly mice and voles. They may also take small birds, rabbits, amphibians and earthworms.
* By far the most common owl species in the UK.
* They are not found in Ireland or the Isle of Man, Scillies or upland areas with few trees.
* They lay and hatch 2-3 eggs but only one clutch a year
* Incubation is 30 days and the owlets fledge at 35-39 days old
* Typical lifespan is 4 years.
* It has pale underparts with brown streaks with reddish brown upper parts; a large round head.
* Colouring can vary in other continents as there are 11 subspecies.
* Approx. 37-40cm long and wingspan 90-100cm.
* Weight: 350g-600g.

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