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Grow-Top Log Store - Large


The Large Grow-Top Log Store by Dorset Log Stores. Perfect for fresh salads or herbs to be picked from right outside your door - approx external size is 5ft 6in W x 2ft 5in D x 4ft 1in H.
The Log Store has a capacity of over a cubic metre, with both ventilated sides and floor; finished with a set of curved corner braces. The Grow-Top Planter is sectioned into 8 bays especially for herbs or salad veggies that sometimes don't like to mix.

Bring your log store into the garden by planting the top with salads or herbs, or even some lovely hanging summer bedding plants like Lobelia or Petunia. A great idea to brighten any dull part of the garden, the space by your back door or a patio corner.

The Grow-Top is designed for you to make the most of the space in smaller town gardens, without getting lost in larger country gardens. With the Grow-Top bed itself being at just 4ft high, it is easy to maintain and easy to access.

For the Grow-Top bed we have lined it with a waterproof membrane then added a geo-textile liner/capillary mat to both contain the compost and allow an even transportation of water throughout the bed. The capillary matting is a non-toxic, cotton-polyester material with a water holding capacity of approx. 3 litres per sq metre. This makes watering the plants both easy and economical.

To avoid waterlogging we have built in, to the front right hand corner, an unblockable drainage route so that there will be no loss of growing material and the Grow-Top will not become over-watered.
Dimensions: At the base 155cm wide x 62cm deep; at the top externally 166cm wide x 74cm deep with a growing area of 161cm wide x 70cm front to back and 9cm cm deep. Height at front 125cm and 132cm at the back.

The log store space is 152cm wide x 60cm deep x 114cm high equalling a capacity of 1.02 cu m.
Delivery: Currently 2 - 3 weeks delivery time. This Grow-Top Log Store will arrive on a wooden pallet by Palletline Transport delivery company on a weekday to suit you. Delivery is FREE for most of the UK.

The Large Grow-Top Log Store will be delivered in panels (5 pieces) for self-assembly. Please see our Delivery Information page for details of pallet size and method of delivery.

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