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Slate Outdoor Thermometer


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The Outdoor Slate Thermometer by Garden Trading. For indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall (fixings included). A great gift for a gardener or for budding meteorologists.

With its simple streamlined design this Slate Thermometer is a must for keeping track of those ever-changing temperatures. Clearly marked, from -30° to 50° Centigrade on the left it also measures in Fahrenheit on the right hand side - for those who like the old-money way of reading the temperature on a sunny (or freezing) day.

The thermometer comes with fixings and two pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom. We recommend positioning in a sheltered area to prolong its life. For true readings of external temperatures do not place exposed to direct sun, place in a sheltered position.

Dimensions: 45cm tall x 10cm wide x 1cm deep. The tube is glass with red dyed alcohol liquid (does not use mercury) to give an accurate reading of the temperature. There are 4 rubber pads on the reverse to protect it against the wall, do not overtighten the screws as it may crack the slate or the glass. Comes in a kraft printed box.

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