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The Parcel Delivery Hut


The Parcel Delivery Hut from Dorset Log stores, for complete security of home delivery parcels. Normally delivered via courier, flatpacked for self assembly, within 6 weeks.
Built with the care and quality we put into all our timber units, the Parcel Hut offers a visually appealing answer to parcel deliveries. Less obtrusive perhaps than metal boxes and therefore less obvious and attractive to thieves, this Parcel Hut does offer a secure and weatherproof option.

For smaller parcels or letters, that won't fit through the letterbox, then the postman could use the small apex space to keep them dry and out of sight perhaps.

With strong solid sides and ventilation at the back, this stylish unit can be affixed to a wall for maximum security and a removable internal mid-shelf is included. The Parcel House comes with a locking catch as standard, which locks once closed.
There is an option below to upgrade the locking mechanism to a combination bolt meaning you can give the code when placing an order so that couriers can make multiple deliveries in one day and always leave the Parcel Hut secure. The combination can be changed as often as you wish, and you can leave notes, codes or passwords inside the door for the courier to use as 'proof of delivery'.

We will fit the standard hasp and staple catch (and it will need to be adjusted once in place) but the Combination Bolt is not pre-fitted so will need fitting once you have positioned the door to make sure the bolt and catch are aligned.
Dimensions are, externally overall: Width: 93cm; Height: 134cm; Depth: 63cm (this includes roof overhangs); Volume: 0.25 cu m. Internal dimensions of cupboard: 69cm wide; 47cm deep; 80cm high.
Normally delivered via courier, flatpacked for self assembly, within 6 weeks.

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