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The Recycling Box Store


The Recycling Box Store is a robust timber store for your recycling boxes, built to last and is very secure. Approx 4ft 6in wide x 3ft high.
With a backwards sloping roof made of 1 inch thick Redwood timber, and double door access through the front, the store is both closed to the elements and open to easy entry from the front.

Two recycling boxes can fit in here side by side with ease and it has a shelf also for those extra bits and bobs. On the bottom shelf you can fit 2 x Standard Recycling Boxes measuring 52cm wide x 40cm deep x 33 cm high. Then on the top you can store newspapers or other itemms for recycling perhaps, or, two further bins but these would need to be no more than 24cm high.

Though it comes with a lockable hasp (which will need adjusting for alignment once in place) there is the option of upgrading to a combination bolt to make this a very secure extra large parcel delivery house.

We also offer a range of wooden signs for the home that can act as a gentle reminder to put the bins or recycling out. Click here to see our Wooden Signs for the Recycling.

Overall external dimensions:
140cm (4ft 7in) wide x 61cm (2ft) deep x 98cm (3ft 2in) high at the front, 77cm (2ft 6in) high at the back.
Cubic capacity: 0.45 cu metres.
Internal measurements: Width: 120cm; Height: 83cm max at front, 69cm at back; Depth: 45cm.
Please do check that your recycling boxes will fit as different councils have different sized boxes.
Construction, walls: 21mm planed Pressure Treated FSC Redwood boards
Construction, roof: 21mm planed tongue & groove Pressure Treated FSC Redwood Shiplap
Frame: 38mm x 50mm pressure treated FSC framing
Fixtures: Stainless Steel Nails; Plated & Painted Decking Screws
Fittings: Heavy Duty Galvanised
Guarantee: 15 years against rot

Simple self assembly required. Delivered by courier in 3 packages. Currently approx 2 - 3 week delivery.

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