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Environmentally Sourced Timber

Environmentally Sourced Timber

For all our Outdoor Garden & Log Stores we only use timber that is:

* From Sustainable, Renewable Resources

* Scandinavian Redwood imported from Sweden

* Slow-grown for Strength & Quality

* Treated with Eco-Friendly Tanalith-E Preservative

* From Suppliers that are FSC Certified
Care of Pressure Treated Timber

Care of Pressure Treated Timber

All the timber used in our units is Pressure Treated Swedish Redwood Timber treated with TANILITH-E. However, to get the best out of it, you will need to continue it's care over the years.

The Eco-Friendly Pressure Treated preservative is designed to protect the timber against rot and insect attack and so give the softwood an extended and low maintenance service life. The treatment is not intended to perform as a waterproofing agent so over time water may track through the timber.

To help avoid this, we advise that annually an water repellent coating can be applied to the timber. We recommend Protek-Eco-Shield Timber Treatment for this, following the manufacturers instructions. This is available in either Clear or four Wood Stain colours and will provide a rejuventaing waterproof coating to your store. It has been created especially for pressure treated timber.

Alternatively, you can use any high-quality wood stain or paint to help seal the timber and create a water-repellent coating. A good micro-porous wood stain/paint will allow any internal moisture to evaporate from the timber i.e. varnish is not micro-porous so will not allow this.

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