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Wrought Iron Fire Blow Pipe


Black Iron Fire Blower Rod from Garden Trading. A long metal blow pipe to reignite dying fire embers.

Huffing and puffing to get your fire started? With this Blower Rod, it's a thing of the past! The Fire Blower Rod is the safe way to ignite the embers and kindle life back into your fire. Add some small bits of kindling or shavings and blow gently. Remember though - don't suck, just blow!

The fire blower is perfect to use when starting a fire or bringing fire back to life as it dies down and, it ensures you keep safe distance from the open fire, whilst the extra oxygen is blown to revive the embers.

In France this is called a Bouffadou and is a traditional instrument for 'fanning fire'. Traditionally made as a long tube of wood to direct air on a precise point of the hearth.

Dimensions: 56cm long x 2cm deep x 13cm wide (max.)

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